Just let me do some homework!

So I am currently in the midst of midterms here (which I guess might also coincide with the halfway point of my time in Spain?!?!) so decided it was time to take a weekend off from traveling and exploring and actually do some studying! However, I never thought it would do so hard to be a student here….


The self portraits we made in ceramics class on Tuesday 

I don’t enjoy doing homework in my room (because then I just want to take a nap!), so yesterday I decided to walk around and try to find a new cafe to work in. However after trying a few different, I learned that there was a rule that many don’t allow people to work on laptops during the weekend because “el fin de semana es divertido, no es para estudiar”.  (“The weekends are for fun and not for studying”). So today I decided to take a different approach and try to find and study at a public library, but I quickly learned that in order to use the Internet you need to have an library card which requires you to be a resident of Madrid. Luckily during the week, the library at my university is open but it is also closed on the weekends because no students live on campus.  I never thought I would be excited to do homework and study at the large and wonderful library at Rice!!!!

Anatomy lab this week 


Friday afternoon in lab when everyone was sick of working so we just talked about all the wonderful places I need to visit in Spain before I leave

On a happier note, I had a wonderful trip to San Sebastián with some friends last weekend to celebrate my 21st birthday.  We spent Saturday hiking up a mountain to get a beautiful view overlooking the city and then spent Sunday exploring the city and enjoying the beautiful beach.

Overlooking “la concha”



Birthday dinner! I did have a chicken one because seafood is not really my style.



These rocks are used to break up the waves and prevent them from flooding the streets.


Also, my host parents have started to laugh at some of my sarcastic humor, so I’m taking that as a big win that my Spanish is getting better!
I’m off to Barcelona next weekend with one of my best friends from Rice (he is studying in Copenhagen and coming to visit)!
Hasta Luego 🙂

The beautiful crystal palace in Parque Retiro


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