The Joys of Getting Lost

During our week of orientation and during various tours after, we were told many times that Madrid is a great city to just go exploring and get lost and see what happens. As I began to settle into my first week of classes and “normal life”, I thought the number of times that I would get lost would decrease.  However, just the opposite seems to be true so I thought I would share some of the good (and bad) “getting lost” experiences I have had so far…

  1. Trying to navigate the Madrid Metro (subway) for the first time and just getting off at random stops to go exploring. metro.png
  2. Exploring Sol (one of the most touristy parts of town) and seeing a huge line outside of a chocolateria, so having to stop and get my first chocolate con churros!IMG_4170.JPG
  3. Going shopping at a large Spanish supermarket and realizing my food vocabulary is very minimal.  I have also never seen so many types of ham in my life!!
  4. Realizing I accidentally got on the wrong bus to school which took students to the upper level classes at hospitals, not the undergraduate campus where my classes were located. Luckily the bus driver was very nice and drove me to the correct location after. img_4184
  5. Exploring some of the over 2000 rooms of the Palacio Real. img_4195
  6. Trying to find a post office and explaining to them that I needed envelopes and stamps to send a birthday card back to the United States.
  7. Sitting through my first anatomy class as my professor told us that yes this class was in English, but Anatomy is practically its own language. 3c068c816b3d05f613b7be2ff3cce1ca.jpg
  8. Hearing my host mom yell through the bathroom door that the hot water wasn’t working this morning right as I was about to begin a VERY frigid shower. img_4168
  9. Walking to El Museo de Reina Sofia (the home of Picasso’s famous Guernica) and finding this beautiful wall of vines. fullsizerender

    The Guernica (based off of the turmoil during the Spanish Civil War).

    Guess it’s time to try to get home without using Google Maps!



    P.S. Para uno de mis clases, necesito escribir sobre mi tiempo en Madrid.  Quiere leer, aquí es el enlace.



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