I probably have too many clothes…

Rumor has it that in the next 72 hours I will have left the comforts of Glencoe St and find myself 5000 miles away in Madrid, Spain. I guess that would mean my visa is successful, I actually manage to finish packing, and my mom doesn’t cry too much at the airport!

I am a biology 10610561_841390289205203_4291459679506975469_nmajor about to begin my junior year of college at Rice University, but decided to change things up and spend the next 4 months exploring a new continent.  I am going to be living in Madrid and studying Spanish (and potentially a Biology class too). There are still many unknowns about how exactly I will occupy myself the next 4 months; however, as I know more I will make sure to pass that knowledge along to y’all as well!

So feel free to follow along on my journey here.  It may justIMG_4010 be a sassy description of my day to day life while trying to convince a whole new group of people that I DON’T actually like pizza, a collection of selfies with some interesting and potentially famous backgrounds, and I might even throw in a few deep insights I have about life (but no promises!!).

Ok, I better stop here because Abigail told me that long blog posts are boring and I have to keep mine short with lots of pictures to get her to read them.

Talk to you soon from España,


P.S. My address and email are in the contact tab above if you wanted them!



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